Long time…


So I know you are wondering…what have you been up too?? I know…it’s been a while since I sent any updates and I’ve got some exciting news!

I just posted a video clip of my upcoming video for “Beautiful” on my blog. I had my videoshoot 2/19/11. It was soo much fun! Special thanks to my leading man Isaiah Hymen, Delph Valentine, owner of City Live Studios, Cedric Shaw, owner of Mind Theories and my cameraman, and Rob Bryant, photographer. These guys are awesome! This is my second video. I wrote and directed the video. If you haven’t heard the song, make sure you check it out. The full version is now exclusive to everyone on my mailing list! It’s so sexy and one of my favorite songs on my EP, “vocally yours”. We accidentally recorded some behind the scene footage. It’s rather funny, so make sure you check it out. I’m thinking of doing a video release party, so if you are in the area, stay tuned. I’d love to see your face!

“Water” — a lot of people say this is their favorite. I have a “special” suprise for you lovers of this acoustic ballad. ;)

I will be getting more into writing and directing not only videos but short films. After the video for “Fly”, I discoverd a new passion.

I’m still plugging away at my self-entitled CD, jai Moi. So be on the look out for a video interview about this upcoming project as well as my first single in late spring 2011. So…if you are a producer or musician, can rock with my style and you want to contribute to the success of this project, hit me up. Let’s see if we can make beautiful music together!

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that I get on this mini-tour in the mid-west so keep sending those good vibes and support my way!! St. Louis area…stand up!! I may be coming your way! ;)

My website is being revamped. Anyone that’s been there will notice it’s been down for a minute. Since web development isn’t my thing, I found someone that could help me out — thank you oh faceless one — so the site will go live next week so look for another update unveiling the new site! The site will be a one stop spot — downloads, stores, videos, ALL updates including my social sites that I regularly visit will be there. Since I mainly use Facebook, you’ll get to learn more about me and get a more complete snapshot of who I am. And since I don’t visit wordpress as much as I thought I would, my blog may be moved. I dunno…I’m letting him help me with that so stay tuned. Just know that I will still be available…I just may be switching gears a bit. But you can always find me at www.facebook.com/jaimoisongbird. Stop by and say hi!

As always, you are sooo appreciated. Thank you for your energy!

peace and blessings,
jai Moi
~ your songbird ~

www.jaimoi.com – NEW SITE COMING — Week of 3/7/11