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Peace and blessings…



Yesterday was pure awesomeness! – that is if it was an actual word. Lol! We had a great session. Long but wonderful. David did his magic with those sticks and the solo that Chris (guitarist) did for one of my songs… Let’s just say he is my Carlos Santana! :)  Rodney (bassist) is a gem – irreplaceable. Thank you guys for coming through for me and being so dedicated.

God is good – all the time.

This is truly a happy and blessed Sunday.

Songs for today: Fly by yours truly; Closer by Goapele

I’ll check to see if I got any good footage from the session. I haven’t look at what my boy recorded yet.

Now to run into Harris Teeter to get some OJ and turkey sausage. Gotta start my day off right with that Vitamin C.

Peace and blessings.

At last…


I am behind schedule. My EP will not be out on the 31st. “Maybe” to download on reverb…maybe. But to purchase the actual EP…no. As you can tell with my previous post I have been going through it. A couple of weeks ago this time, I was feeling like a failure because of a flaw of mine – perfectionism. But after talking to a good friend of mine, he told me it will be recorded by then so I am not. That made me feel a little better and then I realized that old saying – shit happens. No one is perfect. We can’t control everything. And that’s something I am working on.  As I write this…it is a little difficult to put out there like this but I am human just like everyone else. The whole purpose of this blog is to document my journey – the good and the bad and be real about it. So there… lol

Artists make this process look so easy.  It is a long, difficult road behind the scenes. But it makes you a better person when you keep moving and working towards your goals.  That’s with anything you do. If you want it bad enough it is all worth fighting for.

So today is finally here. I’m heading to the studio with the band to record from 3 – 9. We’re going to get in there and knock out as much as we can today! I’m so excited.  I’ve been wishing this day would hurry up and get here! Yes!! If I can video record some of the session, I will and upload it to youtube.

Note to self – don’t forget your camera and if you do, don’t forget to use it this time! Haha!

The EP is just that…an EP. Extended play which is different from a LP – long play. So this is just a mini album…5 songs.  Two recorded already which you may have heard since they are online. I am working on the LP – full album – to be released the end of winter…beginning of spring timeframe. Excited? Yes! Butterflies? Definitely!! Lol

::switching gears::

SN:  A dear friend of mine…well. (see this is hard to say)  I have to walk away from a friend because I realized as much as I thought I was helping him, I have been acting as an enabler.  I love helping people. But the role I have played in his situation is not allowing him to grow and stand. So I must back away…  I pray that he understands that I am doing this because I want him to use his wings.  It’s hard to do this.  I could possibly be loosing a friend forever depending on the way he chooses to move forward. But we are talking about a situation that could mean the difference between life or death. So what do you do?  The seeds have been planted. The tools have been given. I can’t continue to look over this field especially if worms and grass is allowed to take over the crop. It’s too tiring.  I only have two hands so it’s time the owner starts to work also and reap the rewards of his harvest.  I hope he will understand.  But I mostly hope he chooses fight over flight…

That was on my mind so I had to get it out.

Alrighty…time to meditate and focus on what needs to be done today.

Peace and blessings!

Another 48 Hours


An unexpected move.
Changes on the job.
An estranged parents “not-so-good” health.
Passion so big you can barely wrap your arms around it…
Yet people failing to take your passion seriously.
Lies. (no sugar-coating)
… tired …

That’s what I’ve been dealing with over the past 1.5 months. This is life and we all go through it to some degree. But whew…it takes a toll on your body both mentally and physically. If I said that at this very moment that I was 100% right now I’d be lying not only to you but to myself. A sista is drained and a lil’ stressed. I was so proud to get 8 hours of sleep a week or so ago! Now that is sad! LOL!! :-D But I have to go back to 4-5 hours starting this week so I can get work done. I have no choice. I have so much to do that I let get by me because I had to take care of personal issues first. But I promised myself that I am going to have a me day once a week and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This is going to be the day that I not only exfoliate my skin but my spirit on a weekly basis and not wait until the outer layer is so thick that it’s too hard to get rid of! So whatever gets to me during the week, I’m going to scrub it off on my me day and come right back up like a phoenix – renewed…refreshed… rejuvenated.

I can’t express how important it is to take care of yourself. Most of us is always taking care of someone else. We take care of our children, parents, managers, lovers/significant others, bestfriends…even the stranger that approaches us in the grocery store wanting to know where’s the peanut butter. But how often do we be selfish and just take time to just enjoy being.

When I say being I don’t mean the many hats we wear each day.

…Just simply being a woman or being a man.
…Just simply pampering yourself as a woman or a man.

Ladies – just because we can’t afford a weekly spa day does not mean that you can’t have rituals with ingredients around your house. Did you know you can use rice water as a skin toner?? Sea salt and olive oil as an exfoliater – just add your favorite essential oil if you want to add scent?? Those little things when put together can take your mind and body to another plane. Light some incense and candles and allow yourself to go there.

Men – I’ve been told “men don’t take tub baths.” I say that’s bull! For those of you that work out, why not treat those hard-working muscles to a soothing tub bath especially if your schedule is hectic and you can’t get a massage. Sit back, close your eyes and relax in warm, soothing water. Pamper your skin too. Just because you are a man does not mean you must have rough skin. Most ladies don’t want to rub on corns and calluoses…so treat your feet too. And afterwards put on your favorite cologne … for you.

Yes…I am taking my own advice regardless what goes on in my day-to-day life. I am an artist, but I was born a woman first. #RememberingWhoIAm