fantastic voyage


“No matter where I travel in this world, the greatest unexplored territory continues to be my very own mind, heart and spirit. I’m excitedly staking a claim with each new discovery I make along the journey!” ~~ LaTonya Tarell

I don’t think I could’ve said it any better. I have been traveling a lot here lately.
Seeing different places…new faces.
– just taking everything in and marveling how huge this world really is.
Some things that I have seen weren’t very pleasant. It is my blessing and curse to have a sensitive soul and feel that which doesn’t directly involve me. I was even compelled to rewrite a song that might be my next single, but I wouldn’t change the experience. Because with those types of experiences springs forth change. (Wow…I have so many pics that I haven’t posted anywhere that I’ve taken. Mainly because by the time I get home, I just want to chill. But I’ll start posting more.)

There are so many places on my future road map that I want to explore. I am even thinking of taking a month and just going cross-country. …taking snapshots and footage along the way…writing songs and coming up with more ideas for film. Maybe I will do it next summer and take my two loves with me so that we can enjoy the experience together. I dunno…

All I know is I am fascinated by this world we were given. It is so vast. It has so much history and a very promising future if we take care of it. Why not see all of the beauties right before our eyes. A couple of places I really want to go that some would call me either crazy or just that damn adventuresome:
Antarctica – I mean really?? Is that place really as cold as they say it is? And what else is going on there that they may not want us to see? #conspiracytheorist
The Amazon Rainforest – This is the Earth’s lungs and more than half of the worlds species reside here. Fun fact: An estimated 90% of Amazon rainforest plants used by Amazon natives “have not” been studied by modern science. hmm…I wonder why?? #conspiracytheorist
All I can say is with knowledge comes power and wisdom. And what better way to grow than to see and experience life as it really is. This is all apart of my journey and I’m really digging it. What a blessing!

OK…so … yea … it is 5:11 a.m. and I just yawned. I guess I will call it a night again. Ugh…how I hate having the sniffles this time of year!
Nitey nite!