Where is jai Moi?


A lot has happened since my last blog. …where to begin. Let’s see…I’ve been putting in the time and effort to keep the ball rolling and make this vision of mine happen. I can’t say it’s been an easy road — if I did I would be lying to you and myself. But it has been an interesting one … one with many disappointments but many opportunities and blessings. So let me quickly go down a brief list of things that took place or didn’t take place the latter part of 2011… Continue reading

fantastic voyage


“No matter where I travel in this world, the greatest unexplored territory continues to be my very own mind, heart and spirit. I’m excitedly staking a claim with each new discovery I make along the journey!” ~~ LaTonya Tarell

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Just sitting here working …
Reflecting on my day …
Conversations and new connections that were made.
I am truly grateful.
Thank You for the many gifts.

SN: I wrote this yesterday before I went to bed. Next time I must remember to hit publish. smh…lol

Transitions: Hustle & Flow


So today I’m just sitting back listening to The Vertikal Radio Show. Their topic is called “Hustle & Flow: The Pros and Cons of throwing bricks.” It’s pretty much about people that hustle to make money at non-traditional occupations. Continue reading



Anyone that truly knows me personally, knows that I have many sides of me. That can be a great thing but as the creative type, it can hinder you in some ways as an artist…especially if you seek growth. Recently, I went away with another artist to assist her on her project. It was great, however, I realized that in order for me to continue to do this and to do it well, I need more time. Continue reading