Where is jai Moi?


A lot has happened since my last blog. …where to begin. Let’s see…I’ve been putting in the time and effort to keep the ball rolling and make this vision of mine happen. I can’t say it’s been an easy road — if I did I would be lying to you and myself. But it has been an interesting one … one with many disappointments but many opportunities and blessings. So let me quickly go down a brief list of things that took place or didn’t take place the latter part of 2011…

My album and my short-film was not released. Why? Set-backs. Plain and simple. I’m still plugging away to make it happen and make it happen “the right way”. I don’t want to just put out anything just for the sake of saying I have another album out. I don’t work that way and the perfectionist in me would be so displeased with myself and my work. So when I am able to produce real fruit, you will be the first to taste it and enjoy the sweetness of it.

I have done a LOT of travelling over the past few months. This is the longest I have been home in a long time. I am enjoying just being home…the quietness and the stillness of the moment. It has allowed me to reflect on some beautiful times, work I have done and all of the work that is ahead of me.

My second to the last journey took me to Los Angeles, CA. I signed with an agency there after being discovered through one of my online profiles. The entire month of December was … stressful. I can’t say that I had that many ups and downs in years. It’s amazing when you want something so bad and it’s within fingertips reach, the emotional rollercoaster you go through both mentally and physically. That was me. Would I change it…hell no! :))) It showed me that I was made of some pretty tough stuff! I have had sooo many unexpected surprises since my last blog in…September I think? Wow…that seems like a year or so ago now. It’s amazing how time flies when you are sowing seeds.

So I continue to work…continue to network…but specifics will come with time as I progress and work on getting things solidified.

THANK YOU for being a fan and continuing to support my art. You are and will always be greatly appreciated.

Vocally yours,
~ jai Moi ~

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=149400460 Renee Lynch

    Always a fan, and dont worry, things will fall into place as they should when the time is right. Gotta have a rollercoaster ride, to be able to jump off smiling and tell the world you enjoyed it. Scary along the way and fun, but at the end, it was totally pleasurable. So enjoy your ride and make sure you dont loose faith. Much love and support. HUGS!

    Renee L.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=604820307 Jai Moi

       Thanks R-Boogie for your support and encouraging words! *hugs*