It was a good day…and yes I met Common! =)



While at work Friday, I decided to enter for a chance to meet Common at Dolce’s Saturday hosted by K97.5. I didn’t think I would win. I don’t win contests…not even a free drink under those Sprite tops. But I was like what the hell…why not. When I entered, it said the promotion was over. So I’m thinking…ok. This was some plot to get my email address. I was just in that mindframe after my week working with people making me promises but not delivering on their word. But 4:30ish hits and I get an email from Nannette of K97.5 saying “…you have won the Meet n Greet on tomorrow with Common…” After I got past my deadline, I literally stood up in front of my desk and danced! (that is not uncommon for me to do when I get in the mood. Ask my co-worker) HAHA!

Yesterday was an awesome day. First I headed to Beatvault in Greensboro to work on a song. Time went by so quickly that I had to speed down the highway because I didn’t want to be late meeting Common. I got there and there was a long wait. They announced he arrived and I saw that sexy, caramel bald head in the foyer. What a cool brother! He was going to come out in the audience but he couldn’t (pretty sure for safety reasons). We had to line up and meet him upstairs. Again…another long wait. But…it was worth it! =) I FINALLY got to meet him. *hug* “What’s up…you smell good,” he says.
* Note to the Ladies…natural oils… Try Frankincense…love it!
So we get a chance to chat a bit and I told him I am a singer and what advice he could give. He said “find your voice. Your voice is what you want to put out there to the [world]. …no matter if you have a job. …Stick with it and work on it and perfect it every-day!” And he beats his right fist in the palm of his left hand. Beautiful. That was very timely for me. I guess because I’ve been accused of putting myself in a box when I say I am an indie-soul singer. But…that’s what feels good to me and how “I” choose to express myself…my creativity. Telling someone to change how they choose to express themself is like asking a hip hop artist to sing jazz…or an abstract painter to paint stills. Now that’s putting someone else in a box. We should all challenge ourselves from time to time…yes but don’t let anyone try to change you as an artist or how you choose to express yourself. With time, I know I will continue to transform and blossom. Into what? Who knows. But this is me now and Common confirmed that it is definitely a good thing. :-D Here are a couple of pics. I have more that I will be uploading to Facebook when I get them.

Afterwards, I headed over to Ms. Love’s birthday party! I hadn’t seen her since November of last year. It was cool seeing her and part of the old crew from Metro. Man…I had some good times there! The night didn’t end. After hearing music all day, I had to move a little so yes, I hit up a club for a little nightlife and danced for an hour and headed home. Yes…it was a good day…

  • AmyMay

    Awesome! It was one of those “meant” things that you entered that contest.

    • jai Moi

      That’s exactly how I feel about it, too! =)