ATL … here I come again…


This weekend I am headed to ATL.  I’m excited!  Unfortunately, my boy cancelled on me a couple of days ago so that means I am making this trip solo.  Luckily, I know some peeps and they can help me out but they sure can’t help me with this 6 hour drive ahead of me! LOL!  But I have plenty of CDs to keep me occupied.   I am ready for a change of scenery and to hit up some open mic spots and of course…to hit up Apache Cafe Sunday.  Man!  There is just something about that place that has me drawn to it like a wasp to honeysuckle.

[Flashback: just remembered actually sucking the nectar from those little things as a kid...sweet memory]

Better get some rest for this trip…   I had to twist the locs up.  I was fortunate to have 6 hands twisting my hair this time so it only took an hour.  Yes…an HOUR! lol I really needed that extra help tonight!