Why am I still awake…and Happy Mother’s Day


OK….against my common sense I drunk black tea and honey after seeing a twitter of a friend mentioning how he was enjoying his “bangin” tea. 1) I am a tea fanatic however 2) I haven’t had tea in a week. So I really had to have a cup against my better judgment. I first looked for chamomile. All out! Green tea! OUT! I don’t even have my other favorite…Chai. So that tells me…I need to make a trip to the grocery store. lol =)

I’m studying “runs”. For those not familiar with that music term, a run is a group of different notes sung to a single syllable. For instance singing ‘e’, you can sing it in C,D,E,F,G (which is do-re-mi-fa-so). Any who…I mostly do jazz runs and scats when I sing. So I’m trying to go over different types of runs I normally wouldn’t do…yes at 3:34 a.m. An artists work is never finished and learning no matter what you do is eternal.

Earlier I posted a show at the Pour House. Well it has been canceled. As soon as I posted it on Facebook, I find out within an HOUR that the show has been pushed back. That’s one reason why I am skeptical about posting shows because they can change at whim. I was really looking forward to rocking this venue. Some other time I guess…

My shows at Apostrophe on the 19th and Poetry Cafe on the 21st are still a go at this time. I’m excited!

In about 1.5 hours I have to take a friend to the airport. I haven’t slept. :-| I am going to crash when I get home I know it. And I have to travel over an hour to go see my moms for Mothers Day.

Speaking of which, I was just talking about the strength of my mother with my co-worker. When I say that there aren’t many mothers like my mom, it is the truth. I don’t talk about my past that much with many people because…well…I’m just an extremely private person. But we grew up POOR. Poor to some people is taking a bologna sandwich to school every day. Naw… We grew up without the necessities that we take advantage of everyday. No running water. No bathroom. No heat. No A/C. No car. *sigh* The list of “no’s” go on and on. I didn’t realize we were poor until I got to middle school. I never talked about it to anyone because I was embarrassed. My mother had five kids and she raised us on her own. So when I say she was a strong woman…she was a strong woman. I’ve seen her draw water. Go to the woods and cut down trees so that we could have heat. Lay under quilts she made just for us sewn out of old clothes with tobacco thread. Some how we ALWAYS had enough to eat. It was like the story of Jesus and the fish and bread. You see what I’m saying? For some reason…tonight…I just feel like bragging on how strong she is and how proud I am to say she is my mother. *teary eyed* And even though she raised two boys and three girls without any assistance from our fathers, she did a great job. Four of us (her children because I do have other brothers and sisters by my old man) is still here and living decent, productive lives. Now she is 70 YEARS OLD! Wow! She’ll be 71 this year and she just retired a couple months ago. It’s her time to rest and let us take care of her. :-) Love you Mama!!

To all of the mom’s out there – stay strong and keep your head up. You are appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day!

peace and goodnight