The Purple One


OMG! Where to begin! Yesterday was one of the best days ever! Not only did I get to see one of my favorite artists perform but I got some great news while at the show.

So I guess you can tell by the title, I went to the Prince concert… Yea…it was all that and then some. There are no words to describe the “awesomeness” of his show!

One of my faaaaaaavorite Diva’s was there — Chaka Khan! O-M-G!! She opened up with “Feel For You” … and had EVERY WOMAN in the auditorium singing “I’m Every Woman”! WHAT!?! Oh yea…I was already in Paradise … but shortly afterwards the stage — made just for Prince in the shape of “the symbol” — flashed purple and everyone knew what time it was! *sigh* I thought I was in music legend heaven for real… I know he’s flesh and bone just like all of us but his presence is truly overwhelming.


Prince is not only an amazing singer/songwriter he is an AWESOME musician period! He sung playing piano and guitar without even flenching! *whew* If you haven’t seen him perform live, it is a MUST. Just make sure you stay in your seats even after you think the show is over. Prince is full of surprises and will pop out and do an after show like he did last night. Some people thought the show was over after he sung Purple Rain. The crowd chanted and hollered “Prince! Prince! Prince!” and he came out in his splendor and sung “Kiss”. The lights came on. We thought the show was over and most everyone leaves — including myself. I find out in a text message about 15 minutes later he was doing another set! But that’s ok…because I was so pleased with what I received.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking its too expensive. Yea…I payed good money for my ticket but it was worth every penny and besides some and his tickets started at $20. C’mon!! As a performer, watching him in action it was not only a learning experience but it motivates me to step my game up several notches! That’s why I’m going to see him again Saturday in Greensboro and I can’t wait!!

While I was there, I got a phone call. :) St. Louis…Kansas City! I’ll be coming your way on a mini-tour July 4th weekend! I am so freaking excited to perform for you! More details to come soon…

Yours truly,
jai Moi