Where is jai Moi?


A lot has happened since my last blog. …where to begin. Let’s see…I’ve been putting in the time and effort to keep the ball rolling and make this vision of mine happen. I can’t say it’s been an easy road — if I did I would be lying to you and myself. But it has been an interesting one … one with many disappointments but many opportunities and blessings. So let me quickly go down a brief list of things that took place or didn’t take place the latter part of 2011… Continue reading

The Purple One


OMG! Where to begin! Yesterday was one of the best days ever! Not only did I get to see one of my favorite artists perform but I got some great news while at the show.

So I guess you can tell by the title, I went to the Prince concert… Yea…it was all that and then some. There are no words to describe the “awesomeness” of his show!

One of my faaaaaaavorite Diva’s was there — Chaka Khan! O-M-G!! She opened up with “Feel For You” … and had EVERY WOMAN in the auditorium singing “I’m Every Woman”! WHAT!?! Oh yea…I was already in Paradise … but shortly afterwards the stage — made just for Prince in the shape of “the symbol” — flashed purple and everyone knew what time it was! *sigh* I thought I was in music legend heaven for real… I know he’s flesh and bone just like all of us but his presence is truly overwhelming.


Prince is not only an amazing singer/songwriter he is an AWESOME musician Continue reading