Prince – the tease


OK. So I’ve figured it out. Prince is a tease! Not only did he get me to go to two of his concerts in a week, but he teases his audience. And I’ll go into that a little bit later.

Yesterday, I was in my boy Mr. Rozzie’s videoshoot in Greensboro. I got up at 5:30 so I could make it to Greensboro by 9:00. I was tired the night before so I didn’t pick any outfits for the shoot! Bad jai!! So I had to get up extra early to get my gear together – (I missed you Andrea Love — I’m spoiled now! lol), get ready and drive 1.5 hours away. I am NOT a morning person so 5:30 meant I laid there for 20 minutes before I actually got up! The agony! LOL The shoot was fun and I can’t wait to see the end product! Congrats Mr. Rozzie!

So afterwards…it was cold and I was starving. Part of me wanted to head back home and then the other half of me said “jai if you don’t go see Prince tonight you will kick yourself the whole route home” so I headed to the coliseum and got a cheaper ticket this time.

And again…it was so worth it. My day didn’t seem long anymore. The cold left my bones. And as I sat in the car waiting for doors to open, my heart literally pounded in my chest when I thought about what was in store for me.

Prince eventually comes out and he literally walks around and greets his audience. (now you know I kicked myself about the ticket thing but it’s all good — the show was still phenomenal). Yes…he took pics with his fans! He gave everyone in the coliseum an open invitation to take pics so you know everyone was snapping and taking video throughout the show! Including myself. They aren’t the best of quality but I will definitely treasure them. Oh yea…did I tell you I am a HUGE Prince fan or can you tell yet? LOL

Prince's Stage - the symbol

Again…the talented and beautiful Chaka Khan blessed the crowd with her amazing voice. She still sounds good…man she has some pipes on HER! I can’t wait to see her concert!!

So why is Prince a tease? Well at the beginning of his set he began by flickerig the lights. The audience would think the show was about to begin … 100′s of phones were up ready to take the first pics of the show … and the lights would come back on! LOLOL!! This went on for a bit! Too funny…eventually he comes out and gives a MAGNIFICANT show. He flirted with his audience and he danced and had his up close booty shots! hahaha! His show was different from the Raleigh show and from what I was told different from the Charlotte show Thursday. (Yes — my new found friends from the concert travelled also to check the show out again. It was just that HOT! And so is he!) But Prince has so much material and so many hits that he could’ve literally went all night!

In my opinion, he is a more seasoned artist now. And sexier than ever!! without being too sexual! I LOVE and can appreciate the more mature Prince more than the younger Prince that had moments when he seemed very untamed! But Prince is his own man and I wouldn’t have it any – other – way. He is an icon in our music timeline and deserves much respect for his accomplishments and contribution to our music then, now and in the future. I encourage any musician, singer, songwriter, poet, fashion designer and appreciator of “art” to check out his show. It will inspire you to be more. Not for the money and fame…but because that’s what life is about…growth. No matter how old you are, continue to grow with your craft, passion, career, love, family, … whatever. Settling is for the birds!

OK. So I won’t be blogging about Prince anytime soon. But I can’t promise that I won’t blog about him again because I am “really” a huge fan and as an artist watching him perform, it changed me to some degree if that makes sense? I cannot wait to see him in action again….

peace and blessings,
~ jai Moi