Good morning


I hope everyone is doing well. Eh…haven’t been through wordpress in a while have I? I know…I know…bad jai. I’m not even going to lie and say I will do better. I realized this weekend that I have way too many websites that I am either maintaining or have tumbleweeds running across the page. So I’m going to start deleting some pages. Maybe that will leave me more time to blog…

So what have I been up too? Grinding…being my own everything. Being an independent artist means you have to wear “every” hat not only the artist at least until you build up that ‘A’ team.

November 13 – I will be in ATL again! wooohooo! I will be one of the features at Urban Grind Coffeehouse. The name of the event is called Do You Lyric Lounge. If you’re in the area, make sure you come through! I’d love to see you…come up and say hi and make sure you grab my CD, “Vocally Yours”.

Speaking of which…I have one of two contests today available to anyone that is following me on Twitter and Facebook. So if you are not following me on either, connect with me. On Twitter, you can find me at (yep…someone beat me to jai Moi on Twitter…guess they like the name also – hint hint). On Facebook, like me at This is my new fan page so help me build it! Pass the link along and come through often!

This CD giveaway hint is: There is more to a name, than meets the eye. Let that marinate a bit, add my pages, and get ready to answer that question when it is posted.

OK…you ready….

Let’s Go!