Editing … please stand by


So I know you are wondering “where is this mysterious video, jai!”  Ha! Oh yea… I ran into a couple of SNAFU’s.

SNAFU: Acronym meaning “Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.”

It was due 4/1. So due to a couple of uncontrollable incidents I had to push it back.  And…I’m editing this one myself.  I tell you, this has been an unbelievable process. Learning new technology … the creative process from another vantage point … and with the help of my editing assistant I have dubbed “Special Fx”, its coming along.  I started the edits myself 4/1.  (I swear someone played the BIGGEST April Fool joke on me because this was not planned but hey ish happens especially when you’re an Indie artist…)  So I chop this up as a lesson learned and great experience.  I have learned soooo much!  So now I can add film editing under my belt. Do I want to be an editor? HELL no! Mucho respect to you guys that do this. It can be looong tedious process … fun at times but this is not for me! LMAO! I rather be in front of the lens or behind the scenes singing, playing my own parts, writing treatments and directing.  This here is ONLY for my work because this is truly my baby.  I’ll leave the editing for the experts for other artists projects. But for mine, I do like the creative control to see my vision through from the beginning to the end.

I can’t even lie … once I dipped my pinky toe into this project and felt the real temperature of my surroundings, a moment of being unsure hit me.  I mean … what was I getting myself into?!? Editing? If I wasn’t familiar with the auditory editing process and used to be a computer nerd, I would’ve kicked this right back to someone else and have her/him do it. But, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I needed to see every detail that is involved with making film in front and behind the scenes from a business standpoint.  Kudos…kudos…kudos to you guys that work to make all of this possible.  From the actors that take a script and interpret the writers vision to the production assistant that possibly has their hand in everything.  So this has been another path in my journey.  It took me longer to get to where I’m going this time than I liked and I’ve had to push some things back, but I’ve had a wonderful ride along the way!

So hold tight a tad bit longer.  I’m not going to give an approximate day…but within the next couple of weeks that’s for sure.  Peep through the behind the scene footage and photos if you haven’t seen them.  And if you have, peep through them again. :)  That day was so much fun and I can’t wait to work on my next project.  Oooooh…..I can’t wait to reveal the next one … but I have to wrap this one up first. whew! lol

Thank you!  Merci!  Grazie!  Gracias! … for all of your continued support.

~ jai Moi ~

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    C’est Magnifique

    • http://www.jaimoi.com jai Moi

      Merci Jazzy :)