At last…


I am behind schedule. My EP will not be out on the 31st. “Maybe” to download on reverb…maybe. But to purchase the actual EP…no. As you can tell with my previous post I have been going through it. A couple of weeks ago this time, I was feeling like a failure because of a flaw of mine – perfectionism. But after talking to a good friend of mine, he told me it will be recorded by then so I am not. That made me feel a little better and then I realized that old saying – shit happens. No one is perfect. We can’t control everything. And that’s something I am working on.  As I write this…it is a little difficult to put out there like this but I am human just like everyone else. The whole purpose of this blog is to document my journey – the good and the bad and be real about it. So there… lol

Artists make this process look so easy.  It is a long, difficult road behind the scenes. But it makes you a better person when you keep moving and working towards your goals.  That’s with anything you do. If you want it bad enough it is all worth fighting for.

So today is finally here. I’m heading to the studio with the band to record from 3 – 9. We’re going to get in there and knock out as much as we can today! I’m so excited.  I’ve been wishing this day would hurry up and get here! Yes!! If I can video record some of the session, I will and upload it to youtube.

Note to self – don’t forget your camera and if you do, don’t forget to use it this time! Haha!

The EP is just that…an EP. Extended play which is different from a LP – long play. So this is just a mini album…5 songs.  Two recorded already which you may have heard since they are online. I am working on the LP – full album – to be released the end of winter…beginning of spring timeframe. Excited? Yes! Butterflies? Definitely!! Lol

::switching gears::

SN:  A dear friend of mine…well. (see this is hard to say)  I have to walk away from a friend because I realized as much as I thought I was helping him, I have been acting as an enabler.  I love helping people. But the role I have played in his situation is not allowing him to grow and stand. So I must back away…  I pray that he understands that I am doing this because I want him to use his wings.  It’s hard to do this.  I could possibly be loosing a friend forever depending on the way he chooses to move forward. But we are talking about a situation that could mean the difference between life or death. So what do you do?  The seeds have been planted. The tools have been given. I can’t continue to look over this field especially if worms and grass is allowed to take over the crop. It’s too tiring.  I only have two hands so it’s time the owner starts to work also and reap the rewards of his harvest.  I hope he will understand.  But I mostly hope he chooses fight over flight…

That was on my mind so I had to get it out.

Alrighty…time to meditate and focus on what needs to be done today.

Peace and blessings!