Another 48 Hours


An unexpected move.
Changes on the job.
An estranged parents “not-so-good” health.
Passion so big you can barely wrap your arms around it…
Yet people failing to take your passion seriously.
Lies. (no sugar-coating)
… tired …

That’s what I’ve been dealing with over the past 1.5 months. This is life and we all go through it to some degree. But whew…it takes a toll on your body both mentally and physically. If I said that at this very moment that I was 100% right now I’d be lying not only to you but to myself. A sista is drained and a lil’ stressed. I was so proud to get 8 hours of sleep a week or so ago! Now that is sad! LOL!! :-D But I have to go back to 4-5 hours starting this week so I can get work done. I have no choice. I have so much to do that I let get by me because I had to take care of personal issues first. But I promised myself that I am going to have a me day once a week and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This is going to be the day that I not only exfoliate my skin but my spirit on a weekly basis and not wait until the outer layer is so thick that it’s too hard to get rid of! So whatever gets to me during the week, I’m going to scrub it off on my me day and come right back up like a phoenix – renewed…refreshed… rejuvenated.

I can’t express how important it is to take care of yourself. Most of us is always taking care of someone else. We take care of our children, parents, managers, lovers/significant others, bestfriends…even the stranger that approaches us in the grocery store wanting to know where’s the peanut butter. But how often do we be selfish and just take time to just enjoy being.

When I say being I don’t mean the many hats we wear each day.

…Just simply being a woman or being a man.
…Just simply pampering yourself as a woman or a man.

Ladies – just because we can’t afford a weekly spa day does not mean that you can’t have rituals with ingredients around your house. Did you know you can use rice water as a skin toner?? Sea salt and olive oil as an exfoliater – just add your favorite essential oil if you want to add scent?? Those little things when put together can take your mind and body to another plane. Light some incense and candles and allow yourself to go there.

Men – I’ve been told “men don’t take tub baths.” I say that’s bull! For those of you that work out, why not treat those hard-working muscles to a soothing tub bath especially if your schedule is hectic and you can’t get a massage. Sit back, close your eyes and relax in warm, soothing water. Pamper your skin too. Just because you are a man does not mean you must have rough skin. Most ladies don’t want to rub on corns and calluoses…so treat your feet too. And afterwards put on your favorite cologne … for you.

Yes…I am taking my own advice regardless what goes on in my day-to-day life. I am an artist, but I was born a woman first. #RememberingWhoIAm